Guidance for the Blind

Welcome to MIRA! 

Learn about our award winning technology,

and join the journey to creating 

a revolutionary assistive device for the blind.

Who We Are

Volunteers Building the Future

Our Mission is to develop an innovative assistive device that gives freedom of movement to the visually impaired community.


MIRA is a not-for-profit organization, driven by passionate volunteers who wish to create the best solution at the least cost to the user. We are a team of blind and sighted volunteers, and we welcome interested collaborators to join our community.

Our Technology

MIRA allows people who are blind to walk safely and freely. Sensors detect the environment, images are processed through AI, and audio feedback is provided to the user.

MIRA is unique, in our use of advanced AI techniques and sensors. The system detects both images and depth information, giving the user access to object recognition and distance. MIRA can detect curbs, roads, sidewalks, cars, people, animals, pedestrian crossing signs, traffic lights, and more.

The user controls MIRA through voice interface. The device is hands free, and discreet. With GPS the user can save location data, and be guided between saved locations.